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Please find below some resources that are helpful to those who consult to early childhood programs.  A listing here is not an endorsement of a service or product, but is here for your information and convenience only.  Developing a library of professional resources is an important function of a consultant since they are in the business of program development and change management.  The Network and its advisory committee have no responsibility for the resources posted here.

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Recommended Reading and References for Education Consultants
Consultation in Early Childhood Settings
Virginia Buysee and Patricia Wesley
Brookes Publishing, 2005

The What, Why and How of High Quality Early Childhood Education
Koralek, Colker, Dodge
NAEYC 2002

Instructional Coaching - A Partnership Approach to Improving Instruction
Jim Knight
Corwin Press, 2007

Differentiated Coaching - A Framework for Helping Teachers Change
Jane Kise
Corwin Press, 2006

Coaching Families and Colleagues in Early Childhood
Hanf, Rush, and Sheden
Brookes Publications, 2004

Schools that Learn
Peter Senge
Doubleday, 2000

Supervision in Early Childhood Education
Joseph J. Caruso
Teachers College Press

Creating Dynamic Schools through Mentoring, Coaching , and Collaboration
Carr, Herman, and Harrris
ASCD, 2005

Caring for Our Children - National Health & Safety Standards
American Academy of Pediatrics, US Dept. of Health and Human Services, and American Public Health Association, 2011

Mental Health Consultation in Early Childhood Programs
Donahue, Falk, and Provet
Brookes publishing, 2000

Mental Health Consultation in Child Care
Johnston and Brinamen
Zero to Three, 2005

Blueprint for Action - Achieving Center-Based Change through Staff Development
Paula Jorde Bloom
New Horizons, 2005

Organizational Culture and Leadership
Edgar Schein
Jossey-Bass, 2004

Helping - How to Offer, Give, and Receive Help
Edgar Schein
Barrett Koehler Publishers, 2011

Cognitive Coaching - Weaving Threads of Learning and Change into the Culture of an Organization
Ellison and Hayes
Christopher-Gordon Publishers, 2003

Triple Impact Coaching - Use of Self 
in the Coaching Process
Beveryley Patwell and Edith Seashore
Bingham House Books, 2006

Teacher Evaluation That Makes a Difference
Robert Marzano and Michael Toth
ASCD 2013

Promoting Meaningful Learning - Innovations in Educating Early Childhood Professionals
Nicola Yelland

Creating Dynamic School Through Mentoring, Coaching, and Collaboration
Carr, Herman, and Harris

Mindset - the New Psychology of Success
Carol Dweck

Coaching Questions - A Coach's Gide to Powerful Asking Skills
Tony Stoltzfus
Coach 22

Overcoming Resistance
Albert Ellis
Springer Publishing

The Adaptive School
Garmston and Wellman
Gordon Publishers

Partnerships for Change
Patricia Reinhardt
Child Care Information Exchange, Nov. 2011

Early Learning Standards and Staff Development
Best Practices in the Face of Change
Gronlund and James
Redleaf Press, 2008

The Exceptional Presenter
Timothy Koegel
Greenleaf Press, 2007

Leading with Teacher Emotions in Mind
Leithwood and Beatty
Corwin Press, 2008

The Practice of Adaptive Leadership - Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World
Heifetz, Grashow, Linsky
Harvard Business Press, 2009

The Quest for Quality, Promising Innovations for Early Childhood Programs
Wesley and Buysee
Brookes Publishing, 2010

Designing Professional Development for Change
James Bellanca
Corwin Press, 2009

Best Practices for Training Early Childhood Professionals
Sharon Bergen
Redleaf Press, 2009

Practical Approaches to Early Childhood Professional Development - Evidence, Strategies, and Resources
Winton, McCullum, and Catlett
Zerto three, 2008

Guiding Professional Learning Communities
Hord, Roussin, Sommers
Corwin Press, 2010

Motivate, Inspire, Lead!
Vojtek and Vojtek
Corwin Press, 2009

The Three-Minute Classroom Walk-Through
Downey, Steffy, English, Frase, Poston
Corwin Press, 2004

A Guide to Effective Consultation to Settings Serving Infants, Toddlers, and Families
Core Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions
Office of Child Care and Office of Head Start, 2011

Taking Charge of Change - CBAM
Hord and Hall
ASCD, 1987

Process Consultation
Edgar Schein
Addison Wesley Publishing, 1988

Early Childhood Coaching Handbook
Rush and Shelden
Brookes Publishing, 2011

The Art of Coaching
Elena Aguilar
Jossey-Bass 2013

From Play to Practice - Connecting Teachers' Play to Children's Learning
Marcia Nell and Walter Drew

Collaborative Intervention in Early Childhood - Consulting with Parents and teachers of 3-7 Year Olds
Deborah Hirschland
Oxford Press

Reflective Supervision and Leadership in Infant and Early Childhood Programs
Hebron and Murch
Zero to Three

Managing the Dynamics of Change
Jerald Jellison
McGraw Hill

Appreciative Inquiry - A Positive Revolution in Change
Cooperrider and Whitney
Ferret Koehler

Stress Management for Teachers - A Proactive Guide
Reinke and Herman
Guilford Press