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CT Office of Early Childhood - Division of Licening
Regulations Regarding Education Consultants
Effective 11/6/08 - Current as of 8/30/17

19a-79-1a   Definitions

"Early childhood education consultant" means an an individual who is a credentialed early childhood specialist with an Associate, Bachelors,Masters, or Doctoral degree in early childhood education, child development, or human development or a four year degree in a related field with at least twelve credits in child development or early childhood education from an accredited college or university, who has two or more years of experience administering a licensed child day care center that meets standards comparable to those in Connecticut.

19a-79-4a (h)   Staffing

(a)  A written plan for consultation services shall be developed, signed annually by the consultant and 

     (1) These services shall include:
              (A) an early childhood educational consultant available to the operator and staff for advice and
                     support regarding the educational context of the program; anyone approved as an early childhood
                     consultant prior to January 1, 2009 will continue to be an approved early childhood education 
                     consultant, except for good cause shown.  Program staff shall not serve as early childhood education
                     consultants for programs in which they provide direct care of direct program supervision in a
                     non-consultative role;

     (2) Consultative service shall include but not necessarily be limited to:
               (A) annual review of written policies, plans, and procedures;
               (B) annual review of education programs;
               (C) availability by telecommunication for advice regarding problems;
               (D) availability in person of the consultant to the program:
               (E) consulting with administration and staff about specific problems;
               (F) acting as a resource person to staff and the parents;
               (G) documenting the activities and observations required in this subsection in a consultant log that
                      is kept on file at the facility for two years.

      (3) The commissioner, with good cause shown, may deny or revoke a consultant's approval status as a
             consultant to licensed child day care centers and group day care homes.